Cecile de Bruijn

Cecile’s vibrant paintings draw you in to her world, where nature abounds.

Her poetic paintings are full of hidden meaning and depths, every aspect of the surface, including the frames have been carefully crafted. The surfaces and textures are built up with intricate mark making and collage. The closer you look, the deeper you are drawn in, the more you can see beyond the initial imagery and colours. The paintings are immediate and accessible, the first impression is of positivity and innocence but the more you look the more complex and nuanced the world becomes. The paintings offer the viewer a mystery, which is for them to unravel, the work hints at an underlying melancholy and the injustices of the world while wrapped in beauty and colour. 

For Cecile, listening to music and the act of creation; set her free to travel the world of her imagination. The viewer simply needs to bring an openness and readiness to look more deeply and to be transported. The natural world, the fields, woods, birds and her dogs give her inspiration and a connection with nature.